How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home and Body

Want to know how to cleanse your house and body of bad vibes? There are many different tools and methods you can use but we’ve found a few ways that are sure to make your space truly rock. If you want to live life at the highest vibrations, learn how to remove negative energy from your home and body, and get ready to experience the ultimate in domestic bliss and tranquility. Taking a cue from the ancient traditions of indigenous cultures from around the world, it’s time to trade in synthetic fragrances and petroleum based cleaners for our favorite space cleansing essentials: Sage, Frankincense,Copal, and of course, healing crystals! When you make energy cleansing a part of your daily wellness routine, the extra effort will be worth it. It leaves you feeling more clear, more balanced and able to make better decisions.

You don’t have to be a Zen master to notice if the energy feels stagnant and stuck in your home. Simply take a moment to notice if you or your environment feels heavy. In the hectic pace of the modern world, it’s not uncommon to come home from a long day at work feeling overwhelmed. Also, any time you or someone in your home has an argument, the negative energy often accumulates in different pockets of a room. The same goes for the healing process. If you or a loved one is fighting an illness, it’s time for a quick space cleansing.

We know what you’re probably thinking: here’s yet another chore to add to your list of to-dos. But all it takes is 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a week to truly transform your the energy of your space. A pure and cleansed environment is also vital for enhancing the healing energy of crystals. Before you bring crystals into your home, purify your space first so that it amplifies the energy that’s already there.

Removing Negative Energy from Your Home and Body

Negative energy seeps into our space constantly so it’s important to keep a positive flow throughout your environment with Sage house cleansing rituals. When your home is purified, it restores balance and harmony to your life, which is essential for giving you and your family a happy and healthy place for deep healing and rejuvenating the spirit. When you make energy cleansing a part of your everyday routine, it’s the perfect remedy for easing the stress and anxiety that comes from the demands of modern living.

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Body - Energy Muse Blog

Using Sage, Frankincense, and Copal

Burning sage is one of the easiest and quickest ways for getting rid of negative energy. Native Americans have considered Sage a sacred plant for thousands of years. This multi-purpose plant was used for energy cleansing, ritual ceremonies, and healing. Today, medicine people continue to use Sage to help restore vitality and health to sick tribal members. It works by neutralizing your energy field, a subtle yet powerful process that sharpens and enhances intuition.

How to Burn Sage

A sage smudging ritual also gives you the chance to cleanse your crystal collection. While letting the smoke envelop the crystals, take this moment to reinforce and program them for your intention. Remember, the clearer your purpose for each gemstone, the stronger and more effective their healing powers. For instance, ask Rose Quartz to bring unconditional love into your life, Citrine to boost happiness and success, Peacock Ore to enhance pure joy, or any of your favorite gemstones that resonate with your spirit.

Crystals are big-time energy amplifiers, so it’s important to cleanse your crystals and cleanse them often! Healing crystals are constantly transmuting and absorbing negativity, so keep them cleansed and activated by smudging them with sage regularly. If you’re overcoming an illness, it’s a good idea to cleanse them on a daily basis, especially for crystals used for their healing and energizing effects.

How to Sage a House

When you’re finished cleansing your crystals, do a quick sage smudging cleanse of your home to rid the energetic field of bad vibes. Using an abalone shell to collect the ash, light a white sage stick and blow on it until it begins to gently smoke. Start your cleansing ritual by opening the back door and smudging the frame, which protects your home from toxins that can seep in from the outside. To balance out the earthy and woodsy smell of white sage, try burning the sacred Palo Santo wood, which has a sweet and comforting aroma. As you continue to smudge the perimeter of your home, light the stick and keep blowing on it to maintain the smoke.

As you waft the smoke with a feather, watch it gently billow up the walls, and repeat a cleansing mantra that resonates with your heart and intention. As you walk around your environment, take a moment to smudge tight spaces where energy often gets stagnant, including closets, hallways, and bathrooms. Finish your sage smudging session at the front door and put out the embers of the sage stick or let it burn out if you need an extra dose of cleansing. Then, walk through your home and enjoy the subtle yet distinctive difference of a cleansed and balanced space.

Sage is powerful on its own but we’ve found that adding Frankincense into the mix is excellent for chasing away bad frequencies. The earthy, woodsy smell of dried sage isn’t for everyone, which is why Frankincense makes a wonderful alternative. Nicknamed the “transformer,” its powerful detoxifying and purifying energy gives off a sweet, honey-like aroma that helps to shift negative energy. Also known as “liquid gold,” Frankincense is known to provide protection, elevate spiritual awareness, and ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Copal incense has been considered sacred since ancient times. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of energy cleansing. Large amounts of Copal resin were discovered in the burial grounds of the Mayan and Aztec ruins, proving its spiritual significance. Derived from trees in the Buresa family, Copal contains natural tree resin that is known to have powerful medicinal properties. Add it to Frankincense or burn it alone to transform your negative thoughts into a positive state of mind.

10 Steps to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy (in 10 minutes or less!)

Yes, it’s that simple. Incorporate this cleansing practice into your life once or twice a week and you’ll be amazed at the results. With any cleansing ritual, it’s important to be mindful of the present moment so that you can purify your space with a clear intention.

Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy
  1. First, open the doors and windows so that negative energy can have a place to escape. Pull up blinds and let in as much light as possible. In fact, it’s ideal to carry out this cleansing ritual during the day, particularly when the sun is shining.
  2. Sweep the entrances to your home and do a light dusting around the house. It might seem obvious, but when your home sparkles, your spirit is sure to follow.
  3. Starting at the front door, light a Sage Stick and gently blow on it until a large amount of smoke billows up. Keep an abalone shell or heat resistant container handy to catch any fallen embers.
  4. Walk clockwise around your home, making sure to smudge all corners, including closets. Use a feather to waft smoke all the way up to the ceilings. Don’t worry about your house getting too smoky because it can easily escape out the open doors and windows, taking the bad energy with it. Don’t forget to sage the bathroom. As you smudge each room, say a special cleansing prayer or intention out loud, which will help amplify its cleansing powers.
  5. Add Fresh Flowers – Flowers are a must-have for any room in the house because it shows that your home is a beautiful and special space, a sacred temple of love and happiness. After cleansing your environment, take a glass bowl, fill it up with water, and add your favorite flowers. Place it at the front door, on an altar, or on your kitchen table.
  6. Sound – A quiet environment is like a haunted house. It can quickly fill up with negative vibes, which is why sound can replace that energy with warm, feel-good vibes. Stagnant energy often accumulates in corners, so we recommend that you go to each corner and clap your hands up and down or gently ring a bell. Another popular tradition is the singing bowl, which creates gentle healing vibrations that can be felt on a physical and spiritual level. Combining sounds with sage smoke is a powerful combo for breaking up stuck energy.
  7. Palo Santo — Now that your space is clear, it’s time to fill it with beautiful positive energy, which is where the sacred Palo Santo comes in. It gets its nickname “the Aromatic” from its slightly sweet and relaxing smell. Used for thousands of years, this ancient healing wood is known to bestow blessings of love and light. Meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, this sacred wood is ethically and sustainably harvested from the Palo Santo trees of South America after it has naturally fallen on the ground. It takes between 4 -10 years for its natural healing powers to become potent. Unlike Sage, which burns very easily, you must continue to blow on the pieces of wood. Light Palo Santo and walk around your home clockwise to bring in the blessings of angels to bless your space with positive energy.
  8. Burn Frankincense and Copal – Whether we like it or not, we live in a chaotic and polluted world, which is why adding Frankincense and Copal to Sage is a triple threat to bad energy. Place a charcoal disk in an fireproof container or incense burner. Using matches or a lighter, light the charcoal until you see it covered in flickering embers. Then, place a few pieces of Frankincense resin and Copal incense cones on top of the charcoal until it starts to smoke.
  9. Salt Corners of Each Room – Sea salt works like a vacuum by sucking up bad energy and expelling it with a powerful force. Sprinkle salt into the four corners of each room and let it sit for 48 hours. To boost the cleansing effects even more, grind up saffron and mix it into the salt. After 48 hours, sweep or vacuum the salt and flush it down the toilet.
  10. Use Candles to Remove Negative Energy – White candles have been used for centuries to remove toxic vibes from a space. Our Cleansing Candle contains the therapeutic oils of rosemary, plus green and yellow wax, which makes its cleansing effects even more powerful. Whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed by an abundance of negative energy, let its light, clean scent and gentle ambience give you a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity.
  11. Grid with Protection Crystals – Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from both people and things. The best way to use black tourmaline is to place a piece in each corner of a room. Doing so builds a protective shield of to prevent negative energy from entering your space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it near your Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects you from their harmful energy. Black tourmaline eases anxiety and depression, so holding it in your hands can pull the negative energy from your own body out. If there is a particular part of your home or space that feels heavy despite trying these methods of cleansing, placing a black tourmaline log in that area will absorb the negative energies into its black void. Cleanse these protection crystals once a week to ensure they stay powerful by placing them in a bowl of filtered water and putting them in the sun for at least 4 hours. You can also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage.
How to Get Rid of Bad Spirits in Your House - Energy Muse Blog

How to Get Rid of Bad Spirits in Your House

Some rooms in the house need more cleansing than others, such as an office filled with electronics or a room where someone is healing from an illness. For these instances, we recommend the Mason jar technique, especially in a room where there have been arguments. This cleansing method is also an excellent alternative for those who don’t like smoky sage in the house.

  1. Fill a Mason jar half full with spring water and add a few pinches of sea salt, which is excellent for absorbing toxins.
  2. Add fresh sage and a piece of Black Tourmaline, which is a powerhouse for absorbing and neutralizing negativity.
  3. Place this jar in four corners of the room, which creates a grid that seals off and protects the energy of the space.
  4. For this method, it is essential that you empty the water within 24 hours, especially if someone is sick. Replace it with a fresh mixture of water and salt. Then, cleanse the Tourmaline stone with water or sage smoke and place back in the jar for another round of cleansing and purifying.

How to Cleanse Your House with Healing Crystals

Now that your space is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time for the fun part…healing crystals!

When it comes to spiritual cleansing, healing crystals are excellent for the home and body. Because of their crystalline structure, they have a strong and steady energy that flows with the gentle, healing vibrations of earth. But the hectic pace of modern life can easily throw us off balance. When you incorporate the healing energy of crystals into your space, it’s a reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

Amethyst – Ranging in color from dark purple to pale lilac, Amethyst brings an abundance of warm and buttery vibes into your home, which makes it an excellent addition to any room. It works as a natural filtration system that absorbs negativity and transforms it into vibrations of pure love and harmony.

Selenite – The crystal version of Sage, Selenite healing wands help to clear and purify your space, especially when you place it on windowsills. It works by blocking bad vibes that can seep into your house through the doors and windows. A must-have for every spiritual warrior, Selenite fills your environment with radiance and purity.

Healing crystals are always absorbing and transmuting negative energy, so it’s vital that you cleanse your crystals on a weekly basis. Smudge the stones with sage smoke and say your intention for each crystal out loud. This practice will help to program your stones so that they’re amplifying positive vibes and working at their highest potential. Another popular cleansing method involves putting them under the sunlight or moonlight for 12-24 hours, which works by recharging their energy with the dazzling light that comes from our miraculous universe.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Body

When it comes to ridding the body of toxic energy, healthy eating is a good place to start but sometimes it takes more than organic salads and vitamins to tackle your inner demons. If you’re feeling particularly heavy in the energy department, try these cleansing techniques and free yourself of bad thoughts that are holding you back from your true potential.

  1. Forest Bathing – If you’ve got a case of the blues, it’s time to get back to nature with forest bathing. Instead of walking the path in order to get from Point A to Point B, take your time to breathe in the incredible healing energy of the forest and its abundance of oxygen permeating the air. Bring along your favorite crystals – we recommend Tree Agate and Aventurine – and wander along the trail at your own pace, taking the time to notice the incredible miracle of life that surrounds you.
  2. Conscious Breathing – If you feel stressed or anxious, deep breathing is a simple and easy way to restore your mind-body-spirit to a place of peace and tranquility. Inhale positivity and exhale negativity. It’s that easy!
  3. Music – When it hits you, you feel no pain. That’s the magic of music. Even after cleansing rituals, bad thoughts can still persist, so put them to rest with a collection of your favorite songs. Playing an instrument is also an excellent way to stay in the present moment because when you’re concentrating on notes and chords, you don’t have time for any negative thoughts to get in the way.
  4. Dance in Your Living Room – Even if you have two left feet, play your favorite dance jams, turn up the volume, and dance like no one is watching. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to shake off a case of the blues. Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun!
  5. Purifying Bath – Water is incredibly healing on its own, so when you add the powerful cleansing and rejuvenating powers of Himalayan sea salt, it makes your bath ever more restorative. Add 2-4 pieces of Himalayan salt rocks to your bath, a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and healing crystals like Amethyst, Aventurine, and Rose Quartz.
  6. Stress Reducing Facial Grid – We might not realize it, but many of us hold tension in our faces. Release everyday stress and calm the mind with Fluorite, Amethyst, and Celestite, a crystal powerhouse of peaceful energies that work to relax the mind-body-spirit. Place the crystals on places where you feel tension, such as your forehead, and feel your face being renewed and rejuvenated. Learn more about how to use a stress reducing facial grid.
  7. Sea Salt Cleanse – Because of its abilities to heal and detoxify, Himalayan sea salt has been used as a body cleanser for thousands of years. It also makes an excellent body scrub because of its exfoliating texture, especially medium-course grains. When gently rubbed on the skin, the healing properties of sea salt help to cleanse and moisturize your pores, leaving you with a gorgeous goddess glow.

Now that you know how to cleanse your house with sage, healing crystals, and other sacred cleansing tools, it’s time for all the dream crushers, energy vampires, and your own inner critic to get the heck out of your life because your spiritual transformation is just getting started.

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