Sometimes You Just Need a Spray Top!

Sometimes, you just need a spray top.

Peppermint – fresh breath, on-the-go! This was a mostly-empty bottle I filled with water, and it’s the PERFECT replacement for those iffy ingredients in conventional gums/mints.

Lemongrass – spritz those wool dryer balls for the most delicious-smelling laundry. Don’t have those yet? No worries – just use a clean wash cloth!

KidScents Owie – for addressing those cuts & scrapes in a more sanitary manner.

Citronella – for those pesky bugs. Nuff said.

Lavender – diluted with water + vodka for spraying all the linens and things!

Spray tops were from amazon, but you can find them all over. Who’s running to get some now?? 😂🙋🏼‍♀️

XoXo, Blessings, Ida

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Post Credit: ig ascent.oil

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