Perfume Party? Toxin-free please!!

On our team, we sometimes have these fabulous perfume parties. We’ve crafted Eau de Parfum using essential oils like Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Patchouli and a whole lot more…

These DIY natural perfumes are so much better than those store-bought ones. Why? They do not have ingredients or “fragrances” containing mystery chemicals that are a health hazards. And did you know that some musks are from synthetic ingredients that are non-biodegradable??? You wouldn’t want to apply that on your body, right? I know. That’s why I stay clear from them!!!

THIS IS MY CHOICE… Fragrances that are made from naturally derived ingredients — organic, vegan, toxic-free, no carcinogens and no hormone hijackers that’ll throw my body out of whack! Just weird-free stuff!

Not to mention that, THEY SMELL AMAZING!!! And these perfumes are so easy and so much fun to make… especially when you make them with your gal pals!!!

XoXo, Ida, Stay Blessed!

Grab you starter kit or shop retail here: YLEO

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We also make custom crystal bracelets, herbal bathes, alchemy sprays, meditation candles & wax melts, as well as essential oil roll-ons for holistic health and spiritual wellness + much much more. Message me to get started on your next custom order.

Post credit: Jescel on IG from our Royoil team

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