Nature’s Ultra CBD FAQs

Check out some resources to commonly asked questions!

Dr Lindsey Elmore, a PhD Pharmacist and Young Living Brand Ambassador, shared these resources:

CBD Basics:

CBD Myths:

Nature’s Ultra Quality Assurance:


-If a company lists 10mg of CBD per serving and NU’s is 16.66mg of CBD per serving (serving is the same size dropper full), would it be appropriate to say that NU’s has more CBD per dose? Which could make up part of the higher price?

That is Correct.

-USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm Proof?

-How much do I take/give to my pet/child/brother/neighbor?

Start low and go slow. No medical suggestion on dosage will be given at this time. I take a dropper full daily of 1000mg and give a half dropper to my 5 year old. I occasionally take a half dropper at bedtime.

Is there a difference between which EO? Yes and No. Yes, each essential oil adds unique benefits. (you will have to research which oil could be right for you) but also some people use based on the flavor they enjoy most and still widely enjoy the result. Short of it is- I give my five year old citrus…because I know he enjoys the fruity taste. And the added benefits of mental clarity, soothing and calming, and overall uplifting mood definitely supports this little wild child.

-Why is Nature’s Ultra Clear and I have seem some others that are green?

MCT oil is light or clear and the isolate is a white powder. The colored CBD is usually full spectrum or have hemp oil as a carrier.

-Where do you apply CBD?

It says Topical Use, the older bottles do not. I use under my tongue. The landscape of legality is vastly different from state to state. NU just switched to a topical use label until some of this can be sorted out.

With the rollers- it’s best to use for mental considerations at the vein sights on your neck, the bottoms of your feet. For pain that you apply topically anywhere there is discomfort.

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Post credit: Cherry Lynn at Young Living CBD FB Group

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