This is BIG NEWS!!!!!!! 😝 I’m OWL about this deal πŸ˜‰

If you have friends that have borrowed your oils more than once, or they just want to start out with a smaller kit option. We have the perfect deal to get them started 😊


Want to try essential oils & experience the benefits of essential oils with your children, but aren’t sure you’re ready to jump in with a full starter kit? This is for you! The Feather the Owl Mini bundle. Here’s how to order:

  • Grab your Basic Kit with my link for $35, which includes Stress Away 5ml & some fun extra sample goodies!
  • Customize your kit by adding: Feather The Owl Bundle, Item #30218.
  • Complete checkout, your total should be $148.00 + tax/shipping

Grab your Oily kit! β€”> YLEO

Schedule your Energy session β€”> Etsy

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, need help signing up or checking out… Instagram | FacebookEtsy Shop

Xo, Ida, Stay Blessed! (certified Aromatherapist & Reiki Master, aka Energy therapy)

Post idea credit: Mary Alessi of our We Dig Oils team!

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